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The Continental - New Farm

In France, Spain, Italy & Switzerland some of the best restaurants have offered the same house specials and simple comfort food for over a hundred years. In the "new world", finding establishments that consistently offer unfussy honest food, very well executed, is much harder. In Brisbane, The Continental in New Farm, has done just that for over twenty-nine years. More recently The Continental has extended its menu to include "conti classics" on one side of the menu and a more eclectic range of menu items on the other side, as specials of the month.

The Proprietor Beau Downs frequently says that it is his guests who "own the restaurant". Amongst them are scores of politicians, barristers, artists, actors and independent business operators ­ many of whom have travelled extensively and are looking for the same thing at home that they enjoy during their stays in Europe.



4 fresh Pacific oysters, mignonette dressing, lemon 20.00

Warm bruschetta of seasonal tomatoes, sweet basil & sea salt 17.50 v

In-house made prawn ravioli, bisque sauce, shaved pecorino cheese 25.00

Duck liver pate, pickled blueberries, cornichons, sourdough toast 25.00

Soup of the day w/ grilled Continental bread 17.00

Chilli-salt cuttlefish, wild rocket leaf salad, sesame dressing 23.50 gf

Twice-baked goat’s cheese soufflé, mixed leaf salad 24.00 v


Baked ricotta cheese & mixed leaves, caramelised peaches, parma ham, salsa verde 25.50 gf

Grilled lamb Greek salad, macadamia & mint pesto, soft fetta,

tomato, cucumber, olives 25.50 gf



Coq au vin (chicken maryland braised in red wine, bacon, mushrooms), pappardelle paste 38.00

Confit pork belly w/ rhubarb and puy lentil ragout, veal glaze 39.00 gf

Fresh fish of the day - chef’s selection 38.00

Pumpkin and silverbeet fried wild rice, chestnuts, haloumi cheese, honey, sage 31.00 vgf

Continental Classics

Soy lime chicken breast, coconut risotto, steamed bok choy, chilli 35.00

Continental beef sausages, potato mash, roast tomato, caramelised onion jus 31.00 gf

Char-grilled filet mignon, scallop and sweet potato brochette, miso butter, beans 48.00 gf

Pan‑seared lamb's fry & bacon, désirée potato mash, roast tomato jus 31.00 gf

Spaghetti, prawns, chilli, smoked bacon, baby spinach, lemon 33.00

Risotto aux fruits de mer, roast tomato & garlic, local prawns, fish, mussels 33.00 gf


French fries, classic aioli - 12.00 v gf

Steamed seasonal vegetables 12.00 v gf

Continental potato mash 12.00 v gf

Garden salad, tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber, house dressing 12.00 v gf



 1kg Kinkawooka mussels steamed w/garlic, white wine, cream & herbs

Served w/ fries 50.00 gf


Warm chocolate & ricotta pudding, choc-malt ice cream 17.00 gf

Apple tarte tatin, vanilla bean ice-cream 17.00

Continental classic raspberry & white chocolate crème brûlée 17.00 gf

Wattle seed pannacotta, bush honey, native plum compote 17.00 gf

Sticky-date pudding, hot butterscotch, ice-cream 15.00

Affogato (vanilla bean or burnt sugar ice-cream, ‘drowned’ in espresso coffee) 14.00 gf

Continental ice-cream sundae, burnt sugar & vanilla bean ice-creams,

hot butterscotch, whipped cream 12.50 gf

Extra scoop burnt sugar or vanilla bean ice-cream 5.00 gf


Soft – Triple Cream Brie (Adelaide Hills, AUS)

Blue – Bleu D’Auvergne (Livradois, FRA)

Semi-Hard – Mont Priscilla Section 28 (Adelaide Hills, AUS)

2 cheese plate 22.00 / 3 cheese plate 33.00

All cheese served with crisp bread, quince paste & muscatels


Function rooms
Continental Cafe frequently hosts functions and group gatherings of between 10-55 people in 1 of 3 function rooms. See photos below and minimum number requirements to secure each space.

The Cave
Suitable for groups between 10-16 people
The Cortile
Suitable for groups between 20-27 people
The Front of House
Suitable for groups between 30-50 people
Function Set Menus
Group bookings of 10 people or more are required to choose 1 of 3 standardised Set Menus, this Menu will be printed, customised with your desired “Title” and a displayed price, if required.
All menus offer three courses, a fixed price per person and are accomodating of dietary requirements.

Continental Cafe does not charge a room hire fee, although minimum numbers are required to guarantee use of your chosen space.

3 course menu $65/pp
3 course menu $75/pp
3 course menu $85/pp
Call us to book a table
+61 (07) 3254 0377
21 Barker Street - New Farm 4005
Open daily lunch & dinner 7 days a week
Ben Cane from Duke's Vineyard at Continental Café

1 Day Only : Thursday 18th April 2024 at 12.00 pm
90.00 per person (3-course menu with paired Duke's Vineyard wines)
"There is nothing more pleasant to my ear than listening to a Winemaker describe the land, soil and flavour characteristics derived from their own vineyard.
Ben is open and passionate about his craft, mesmerising to listen to and even poetic in the delivery of his knowledge"

Beau Downs - Chef / Proprietor
Continental Café

Ticketed event
Pre-purchase required before Wednesday 17th April 2024 12pm
(a limited number of seats available)

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